Floor Soundproofing


TEXFON is an impact noise insulation underlay for flooring, made of a high tenacity non-woven polyester bonded to a bitumen-coated protection.


  1. High impact noise insulation
  2. High compressive strength
  3. Durability and stability over the time
  4. No increase of the thickness in the overlap area
  5. Easy and quick to install
  6. Waterproof
  7. Rot-proof
  8. Low vapour permeability
  9. Resistant to the most common chemical products

Texfon PDF


SOPRAPREN 110 is a panel with a homogeneous and stable composition resulting from the agglomeration of flexible polyurethane foam, for use as acoustic and thermal insulation in floors & wall.


  1. High Impact & Air born noise insulation.
  2. High elasticity.
  3. Provides thermal insulation.
  4. Easy installation.
  5. Ecological, recycled and recyclable product.
  6. High stability.
  7. High resistance to aging.

Soprafoam PDF


TEXCORK dB is an underlay membrane made of agglomerated cork and recycled rubber, for application as impact noise insulation on floors. It allows direct grip of a new ceramic flooring.

TEXCORK dB is suitable for acoustic insulation of floors against impact noise, in refurbishment applied directly under:

  1. Ceramic tiles floors
  2. Vinyl floors

Its characteristics allow it to be used:

  1. Adhered with adhesive glue or polyurethane adhesive directly on concrete support.
  2. Receive the ceramic flooring directly with adhesive glue with single or double gluing depending on the type of tile.
  3. If the finishing flooring is parquet, laminated floor or parquet, it can be applied directly over the TEXCORK dB product.


  1. Good impact noise insulation with low thickness.
  2. High durability.
  3. Compressibility under lasting load over time.
  4. Ecological and respectful to the environment.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. Allows direct grip of ceramic flooring.
  7. Can be laid over existing pavement.