Acoustic Consultancy & Noise Survey

The high level of noise in the cities and commercial areas has called for the regulatory bodies to step in and enforce some measure of control. At Solace Acousticwe have qualified acoustic consultants for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) who are approved by the Quality Council of India (QCI) for Noise and Vibration.
Our functional area experts are able to assess your environment and accordingly advice regarding the noise control measures. These need to be enforced to bring the acoustics within the permissible norms as stipulated by the government and meeting the noise pollution control criteria.

Scope of work-

  • Analyze the space and volume to find the Acoustical Issues.
  • Simulate with Acoustical Simulation Software to find Acoustical parameters such as Reverberation Time, Articulation Loss and Sound Transmission Index.
  • Conduct Pre and Post Acoustical Field Test at site.
  • Acoustical recommendations based on the simulations and test results.
  • Acoustical Recommendations to achieve Speech Privacy between Spaces.
  • Acoustical Recommendations to achieve Speech Clarity within enclosed Rooms.
  • Addressing acoustical design as per Corporate Standards for the all types of Meeting Rooms
  • Recommend Standard Reverberation Time required in the each meeting room.
  • Recommend Noise Isolation Partitions/walls between Rooms
  • Preparation of initial recommendations to discuss for further changes as per client requirement.
  • Preparation of editing of CAD for the space as per ID intent.
  • Preparation of EASE simulation report.
  • Preparation of BOM for acoustical treatment.
  • Preparation of BOQ to arrive approximate cost.
  • Site visits during installation and execution of work.
  • Selection(options) of materials and specification of acoustical materials.
  • Interaction with the vendors at site.

Acoustic Consultancy & Noise Survey

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