Fabric Acoustic Panel

Wrap your Acoustics to beautify and enhanced experience!!

In the vast world of acoustic treatment products, acoustic panels have become the topmost required accessory. From commercial to residential settings people are looking for soundproofing solutions which not only offers them a good sound experience but also helps in keeping the noise intact.
Fabric acoustic panels absorbs high intensity sound and echo while providing an out of the world experience to the people. While managing the sound these acoustic panels also adds an exquisite look to the interior. The fabric panels are available in different types, sizes and color based on the requirement.

Underneath the upper layer of fabric, the other layer includes a high – ecofriendly acoustical core which helps in sound absorption at its best. This ecofriendly acoustical core highly optimal for sound absorption and extensive resistance to fire. The wall acoustic panels sold by Solace acoustic are available with Class A fire rating which makes them can easily pass any code regulation of a commercial as wells residential setting.

Those who understands sound and echo will appreciate the enhanced sound quality results after the application of the panels. These panels are manufactured while keeping your sound system and area in mind to offer better soundproofing solutions which will absorb, diffuse as well as reflect the sound depending upon the place and area.

Fabric acoustic panels are generally available in the form of wall panels. These panels not only help in enhancing your listening experience but also enhances your décor while complimenting the style and design of the space. All the fiber acoustic panels manufactured with Solace Acoustics have hardened edges. It helps in avoiding the panel depreciation during the course of time as well as avoid damages during transportation as well as installation.

Acoustic fabric panels are suitable for places like offices, schools, recording rooms, museums, gyms, theatres, etc. Solace acoustic also have a wide range of Conference room acoustic panels to offer privacy to your meetings while adding the look.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Helps absorbing sound along with controlling echo & reverberation.
  2. Soundproofing solution with additional decorative looks
  3. It can be used for both wall & Ceiling
  4. Do not produce dead space in the room
  5. Mounting hardware is completely concealed, ensuring crisp and unobtrusive panel joints
  6. Available in fabric panel with wipeable as well as moisture resistant finish
  7. Reduces interior noise reverberation
  8. It can easily be used as fabric wall panels offering a wide coverage without extra adhesive
  9. High level Sound control
  10. Can be customized as per the requirement and specifications.
  11. Installed as individual panels, geometric groupings or continuously for an uninterrupted acoustical surface
  12. Available in different shapes, sizes and style.

Product Specification-
Thickness- 25-100 mm
Inner Core- Fiber Glass wool, Rockwool, Acoustic Foam and Polyester Synth.
Fabric Grade- FR & Non-FR.
Color- Fabric color as per client requirement.
Size- 1×1 ft, 2×2 ft, 4×2 ft & Custom.

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