Wooden Acoustic Panel

Wedge Acoustic Foam- New Revolution in the field of acoustics

Are you looking for the best acoustic solution for your place? Do you need something which reduces noise pollution and eliminates the problem of echoes as well as background sounds? Well, Solace Acoustic has come up with a brand-new grid pattern acoustic wooden panel under the name of Woodx. This acoustic panel offer a unique sound absorption to the places where noise reduction required with aesthetic look of wood.

As per industry experts Woodsx, the home brand of solace acoustic is one of the Best Soundproofing Materials available in the market. Woodx Acoustic wooden panel eliminates background sound by not blocking it but rather absorbing the extra noise in the environment. The panels are versatile in nature and can be used on both walls, ceilings.

Solace has developed this product to meet the necessity as well as décor demands of the clients. Woodx offers low as well as medium level frequency absorption along with an elegant as well as stylish décor look.


  1. Eliminates Sound leaking, Echo and Sound Reverberations
  2. Moderates the unwanted Reflections
  3. Tasteful appearance, meeting your décor needs.
  4. High level Sound Absorption
  5. Heightens sound clarity
  6. Fire retardant Foam
  7. Reduces room ringing and slap back sounds
  8. Grids are cut with the industry’s finest blades
  9. Manufactured with melamine-free formula, Hence long lasting and do not crumble with the passage of time.
  10. Elude Mould development
  11. Best for Pubs, Auditoriums, Discotheques, Gymnasiums, Bars, Professional Theatres, Home Theatres, Home Recording Studios, Studios, Professional Recording Studios, etc.

Product Details:

  1. Measurements:Woodx comes with the dimensions of 2′ x 2′ (595 x 595 mm)
  2. Over all NRC :1.0 (ARAI & NPL approve)
  3. Available in multiple colour formats.
  4. Panels can be used on walls, ceilings & in grid ceiling system also
  5. Panels can be used in multiple format and styles to give unique appeal to rooms and the needed places. It can be paired with other Acoustic panels too.

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