Wedge Acoustic Foam

Feel the peace- With Wedge Acoustic Foam in India

Wedge acoustic foam, also known as wedge foam or wedge panels, is a type of sound-absorbing material used in acoustic treatments. It is designed to reduce reflections, echo, and reverberation in a room, improving its acoustic quality.
Wedge acoustic foam panels are typically made from open-cell polyurethane foam, which has excellent sound-absorbing properties. The foam is cut into wedge-shaped patterns, usually with a series of angled ridges and grooves. These wedges help to scatter and diffuse sound waves as they pass through the material.
When sound waves reach the surface of the wedge foam, they enter the open-cell structure and encounter multiple air pockets. This interaction causes the sound energy to be converted into heat, effectively reducing the amount of sound that reflects back into the room.
Wedge foam panels are commonly used in recording studios, home theaters, broadcast rooms, and other spaces where sound quality is crucial. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or placed in corners to absorb sound reflections and improve the clarity of recordings or speech.
It’s important to note that while wedge acoustic foam can be effective in reducing high-frequency reflections, it has limited impact on low-frequency sounds. To address low-frequency issues, additional bass traps or specialized low-frequency absorption materials may be required.
When using wedge acoustic foam, it’s essential to consider the thickness and density of the foam, as well as the specific requirements of the room. Proper placement and coverage of the panels are also crucial to achieve optimal acoustic treatment results.

Product Details-

  1. Colour- Charcoal Black, Orange, Purple, Indigo Blue,
  2. Thickness- 25 – 800 mm
  3. Tile size- 1×1 feet, 2×2 feet, 6×3 feet & Custom
  4. Density- 32-110 Kg/m3
  5. Grade- FR & NON- FR.

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