INSOPLAST® is an elastomeric, reinforced, flexible and highdensity bitumen-based acoustic membrane for acoustic insulation against airborne noise.


  1. Reinforced with fiberglass, facilitates installation with
  2. Airborne noise insulation in partition walls and plasterboard linings.

Airborne noise insulation in plasterboard ceiling

  1. Combination with sound-absorbing materials for acoustic insulation in cavities of rigid materials.

Improves isolation at low frequencies and resonance

  1. Increases the mass of light and rigid walls such as plasterboard, sheet metal or wood, achieving greater acoustic performance. according to ISO:14001
  2. bindings

Easy to handle and cut.

  1. Does not absorb water.
  2. rot proof

When using Tecsound or any other soundproofing membrane, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and consider the specific noise reduction requirements of your project. Consulting with acoustic professionals or contractors experienced in soundproofing can help ensure proper installation and optimal results.

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