Pyramid Acoustic Foam

Feel the peace- With Pyramid Acoustic Foam in India

Solace Acoustic offers a wide range of pyramid acoustic foams with a wide surface area to absorb mid as well as high frequency sounds. The thickness of the foam can be managed in order to cover varied level of sound frequencies in the room.
As the name suggest the shape of the foam is generally in the form of pyramid with the main aim of reducing noise. Solace pyramid acoustic foam is design and cut by state-of-the-art CNC cutting equipment which provides perfect shape and design.
Pyramid acoustic foam panels are generally considered ideal for Studios, Recoding rooms, Vocal Booths, Music rooms, TV Studios, Radio Stations, etc. in order to control and eliminate sound and echo in these places.
The Pyramid Acoustic foam panels is the most common acoustic product used across the globe and are often seems synonymous to the high- end studios. However, making use of Pyramid Acoustic Foam in India is comparatively a new concept. With the increase in entertainment industry culture, the need to control unwanted sounds and a quality presentation has also increased. The need of convenience and quality has led us towards getting the right Acoustic products for the right place.
Pyramid acoustic foam has a special systemic honeycomb micropores structure in which air particle oscillated and converted into thermal energy. With adequacy and accuracy in the positioning of acoustic foam, the foam provides proper sound handling solution which help in reduction of reverberant sound and eliminate reflection.
Why Do you need Pyramid acoustic foam in India?
The need to avoid echo is not only limited to theatres now. If there is a sound or audio system present then you need acoustics to enhance your experience. One can only understand the importance when they experience the difference between no acoustics and proper acoustic insulation. Here are some different features of pyramid foam to help you understand the product.

  • Can be used for Commercial, Residential and industrial application purposes.
  • Class A quality level Foam is used.
  • Stay as the part of your interior décor.
  • Cost varies as per the thickness of the foam, hence pay for what you want.
  • Cost varies as per the thickness of the foam, hence pay for what you want.
  • Reduction in echo and reverberation in the room.
  • It is believed to be Mold-resistant and fire-retardant too.
  • Easy to mount on walls, ceilings, etc.

Solace Acoustics believe in offering quality products in the field of acoustics. all the products goes through a rigorous set of quality assurance tests before being delivered to the clients. We are one of the few acoustic equipment providers, who has brought the concept of Pyramid acoustic foam in India and we believe to offer the service which we have promised.

While manufacturing the wide array of acoustics foams in different shapes and sizes, our main idea is always to offer product which outfit and adjust the modern infrastructure at its best. We have a wide range of acoustic foams including Pyramid foams which are ideal of almost all kind of structures and places with the need of acoustics.
These foams are extensively used at recording studio, control rooms, live rooms, voice over rooms, home theatres, etc. Pyramid acoustic foam is manufactured with the best quality foam through the most advanced technology available in the industry. In order to meet the demands of our varied clientele, we also customize the whole range of foam into various sizes as well as thickness. It is highly durable with the best possible quality material.
We are one of the few manufacturers of Pyramid acoustic foam in India, who offers the best quality at probably the best possible prices.
Product Details- Additional Features

  1. Colour- Charcoal Black, Orange, Purple, Indigo Blue,
  2. Thickness- 25 – 800 mm
  3. Tile size- 1×1 feet, 2×2 feet, 6×3 feet & Custom
  4. Density- 32-110 Kg/m3
  5. Grade- FR & NON- FR.

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